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Ubisoft Senior VP Talks Continued GeForce Now Support, Upcoming Stadia Releases

In the four months since the launch of Stadia, Ubisoft has released four games on the streaming platform: Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Trials Rising, and Just Dance.

What kind of engagement are we seeing on Ubisoft games available on Stadia? Are we seeing an inherently different kind of behavior? One is the experimenter; this looks like somebody who came on and played for a couple days, and then we haven’t seen them again. They played probably a couple different games, not for very long, and they sated their appetite and that was that.

Their play pattern is not particularly different. They are not playing less time; they’re not playing more time. If anything, they’re playing slightly more sessions, at slightly shorter durations.

Given that the upcoming release of The Division 2 supports cross-play between PC and Stadia, it seems like a natural progression to enable more people to play with each other on different platforms. Is this an ongoing goal for Ubisoft moving forward, particularly as it relates to Stadia, or is it more of an overarching thing that Ubisoft wants to accomplish?

What we want to enable our players to do is to have the freedom to play their game wherever they want to. In the case of The Division 2, as we’ve tested it, I’ve been a big Division player on Xbox for quite a while, and it’s quite fun to then fire it up on my mobile and be able continue on. Now, I’m not nearly as good in a match environment, but I certainly can do many things on mobile that I wouldn’t necessarily want to sit and do in front of my big-screen TV.

The Division 2 is a game that’s well-suited for this type of service; it allows you to just jump in, maybe complete a few activities, and then jump right back out.

Previously, we announced UPLAY+ would be coming to Stadia. Is that still part of Ubisoft’s plans?

CE: Yes! For streaming in general, there’s Stadia, Project xCloud from Microsoft, PlayStation Now, and of course GeForce Now. How do we evaluate these different services? What are we looking at, and what do we look at to understand how to leverage and use these services in a way that makes sense for Ubisoft?

CE: We look at two things: One, how is it deployed from an infrastructure standpoint? Can people all around the world use it? Can people only in a given country use it? Is it well-deployed within the country? More so than the typical physical machine that sits in your house, this depends upon having infrastructure that’s accessible, and a customer that has the bandwidth to be able to access the streaming service.

We’re obviously making Xbox games already, so there’s not a lot of effort for an Xbox game to work on xCloud. GeForce Now is a PC-based service so that’s more straightforward.

Just to reiterate something we clarified earlier this week, our games will still remain playable on GeForce Now?

CE: That’s right.

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