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6 Free Ubisoft Mobile Games For Any Mood

Ubisoft has no shortage of mobile games across a wide variety of genres and if you’ve yet to sample some of the offerings on the iOS or Android store, you’re missing out on the opportunity to significantly improve your morning commute, shorten your wait at an airport gate, or fill those times when you just want to be on our phone with the TV on in the background (we don’t judge).

For the fantastical strategist: Might & Magic: Chess Royale

In Might & Magic: Chess Royale, you are matched against a pool of 99 other players, and must battle it out in 1v1 auto-chess matches. Lose three matches, and you’re eliminated.

For the tactical Assassin: Assassin’s Creed Rebellion

Recruit Assassins, build and upgrade your base, and pry 15th-century Spain from the hands of the Templars. As you progress, you’ll recruit more Assassins with diverse skillsets, and level them up to take on tougher challenges, all while managing your headquarters.

For the adrenaline junkie: Trials Frontier

The game wastes no time getting you right into the action before taking you to your village, where you’ll take on challenges to earn Coins and XP. As you level up, you’ll collect blueprints and gain access to new bikes, which you can upgrade and craft parts for, not to mention trick out with a fresh paint job.

For the hack-and-slash looter: The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot

As you might expect from the title, Mighty Quest is all about the loot. A dungeon-crawler you can comfortably play with one hand, the game is all about upgrading your hero with the best weapons, gear, armor, and skills so you can take on the toughest enemies. With more than 1,000 pieces of unique gear, each of which you can upgrade, there’s no shortage of loot or builds for your character.

For the arcade seafood lover: Hungry Shark World

On the surface, Hungry Shark World is a simple game: Swim around the ocean and eat all manner of sea creatures in a never-ending battle against the insatiable hunger of your shark. Things get a bit more interesting when you consider that you start off as an extra-small shark and can only eat creatures smaller than you. That means there are a fair amount of living things in the ocean bigger than you, and they can do some serious damage if you try eating them.

For the supernatural romantic: Is It Love? Fallen Road

series traditionally lets you chart your journey through a romantic visual novel. Fallen Road puts a spin on the established formula by focusing on a heroine fighting against the destruction of the earth by a horde of demons. That’s not to say that love doesn’t play a part in this drama that plays out across heaven, hell, and Washington State.

Fallen Road’s art direction also plays a more pivotal role than ever before has earth, heaven, and hell are realized through the work of visual development studio, Wardenlight.

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