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Ubisoft Graduate Program: Essential Tips from Current Ubigrads

On February 10, nine Ubigrads took over the Life At Ubisoft Facebook page to host a special AMA session about the Ubisoft Graduate Program where they shared some information on what it’s like to get first-hand experience in game development at different Ubisoft studios around the world. Below, you’ll find some of the more popular questions and answers from that session (edited for clarity). If you’re interested in applying you can apply here. Applications are due February 29.

What’s the most interesting part of your day?

Toober, Project Manager at Red Lynx: Personally, the most interesting part of my day-to-day work is to absorb, process a lot of information, and then communicate or plan/act accordingly. On my project, I get to work with designers, online programmers, 2D & 3D artists, and other producers. It's very fascinating to see different aspects of game production, and how the teams gel together to work toward a common goal.

How can a Project Manager stand out?

Maëlle, Proect Manager at HQ, Paris: I'd recommend you show that you possess a good knowledge of the industry and the day-to-day realities of project management. I think that demonstrating, thanks to this knowledge, that I wasn't naive about what I wanted to get into, was an important point to make. Maëlle

My university background is business and economics and I’ve written both my theses on videogames, would this be useful to me in the Project Management application process?

Maëlle: Plenty of people on the track come from a business management background.

How can I stand out as a UX Designer?

Mandy, UX Designer at Ubisoft Singapore: Being able to showcase your problem-solving skills. It’s helpful to be able to see the thinking process you've went through to solve a problem, so even pencil sketches that have evolved into a cleaner mockups would be great!

What does your typical day look like for the UX team?

Annie, UX Designer at Ubisoft Toronto: My typical day varies a lot. Sometimes I'll be working on wireframes and designs all day, sometimes I'll be going back and forth between other departments for information. There are a lot of asking and answering questions on a daily basis in addition to the design work.

What kind of responsibilities are gameplay programmers given, do you receive mentorship, and what has Ubisoft done to help give you a voice as a programmer? Tanja, Gameplay Programmer at Ubisoft Berlin: This can differ across studios, but I started with some simple debugging tasks to get to know the engine and also the code base. Additionally, my code is reviewed which allows for great feedback and quick growth. Tanja

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