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Catching Up On The Black Game Pros Mixer

Last week, Ubisoft held its third Black Game Pros Mixer. The event was produced by Leon Winkler, director of global events at Ubisoft HQ, and Kurston Timothy, dev tester at Ubisoft Toronto, and featured speakers from around the videogame industry. Representatives from Ubisoft, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Microsoft, the Entertainment Software Association, and more all shared their “come-up stories” of how they got to where they are today. Following the event, we caught up with some of the speakers to find out more about why they wanted to participate, what they learned from the event, and what kind of change they’d like to see in the industry. Read on to hear directly from the speakers, and if you missed the live event, you can watch the recording below.

Lyisha Johnson – Manager, Events – Sony Interactive Entertainment America

Why did you want to speak and what message did you want to convey at the Black Game Pro Mixer?

Lyisha Johnson: When Leon reached out to me to speak on the panel. I wanted to convey in my message that while my path into gaming is different, the great thing about the gaming industry is that there is something in this industry for everyone to do. It was also important to me to convey that you must maintain your authentic self.

How would you like to see the games industry change, both in the short and long term?

Junae Benne – Esports Journalist – EQNX

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Black Game Pros Online Event - Full Stream | Ubisoft [NA]


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• Lyisha Johnson: Manager, Events at Sony Interactive Entertainment America
• Dianna Lora: Account Manager, Ubisoft Massive
• Jean-Philippe Doho: Legal Innovation Specialist, Ubisoft HQ
• Moustapha N’Dome: Internal Communications Manager, Ubisoft HQ
• Felesha Anderson: Office Manager, Ubisoft Film & Television, Los Angeles
• Melissa Canseliet: Research Project Manager, Ubisoft Montreal
• Kurston Timothy: Development Tester, Ubisoft Toronto
• Leon Winkler: Director of Global Events, Ubisoft HQ
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Black Game Pros Online Event - Full Stream | Ubisoft [NA]

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