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Women of Ubisoft – Claire Rieuneau

As a development coordinator at the Paris division of Ubisoft Film & Television, Claire Rieuneau is responsible for helping oversee the studio’s current projects and developing ideas for potential new ones. It’s a job that’s equal parts creative and organizational; without her and her team’s creative input, shows might never be made, and without their pitching to broadcast networks and streaming services, they might never be seen. We spoke with Rieuneau to learn more about her career, what she hopes to achieve in the future, and how women in animation have inspired her.

Tell me a bit about your background.

I wanted to do so many different things when I was young, but I always loved music, and thought that I’d love to end up working in music. I played the Viola in music school for about 10 years, and at one point I thought I would do that professionally. After high school, I was considering going to art school, but I wasn’t quite sure, so I moved to Germany and started to study music production. It was a real passion, but I couldn’t do it for a living, because I didn’t want to lose my love for music. Music school had already starting robbing me of my passion for it.

Slowly, I’m not quite sure how, my focus changed from music to film.

What made you switch from music to film and television?

CR: I think I maybe just wasn’t that aware of them. My parents were never really the type to go out to the movies, so it wasn’t until I started discovering them on my own that I really appreciated them. Then I discovered the role of a producer in films, which I thought was so interesting, even more so than a music producer.

How did you get to your current role?

CR: When I first started at Ubisoft Film & Television in Paris, I was a production administrator. We didn’t yet have a development division. It was a bit lucky because the timing worked out, but I had expressed interest in working in development because that’s the start of every TV and film project.

I think TV series allow for even more writing and character development, so it can be a great way to tell a story. You mentioned that you were afraid to work in music because it might ruin the passion you had. Have you found that working in film and television has changed your opinion on them?

I’m happy I chose to work in film and television. I discover new things every day; there are always new projects to work on, different types of production. I don’t feel like I’m working on the same thing day-to-day.

What exactly does a development coordinator do?

CR: We try to expand the world of Ubisoft’s properties, and also create original ideas within the videogame space or that feel right for Ubisoft. We’re always trying to come up with ideas that make sense for Ubisoft.

The daily life of a development coordinator involves following up on the status of all in-development projects. When it comes to developing new projects, we often start by checking the videogames we have at Ubisoft, and see if we have a way to tell a unique story set in that world.

Is there a specific part of the job you like best?

It’s the most interesting part for me. But at the same time, the business side is also interesting. I love to see how art can find its audience, and the business aspect of our job is really important in that.

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