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Toyota to Launch All-New Aqua

The all-new Aqua is a hybrid electric-only compact car redesigned to realize Toyota's mission to "introduce sustainable vehicles practically*1," and to contribute to carbon neutrality.

Toyota City, Japan, July 19, 2021―Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) announced that it will launch its all-new Aqua on July 19, 2021.

Innovative battery technologies

The all-new Aqua is the world's first vehicle to use a high-output bipolar nickel-hydrogen battery as an electric drive battery*6. Compared to the nickel-hydrogen battery equipped to the previous-generation Aqua, the new battery realizes approximately twice the output; it also delivers improved accelerator responsiveness, and enables smooth, linear acceleration from low speeds.

For further information regarding the bipolar nickel-hydrogen battery, please see the section at the end of this release.

A new driving experience unique to a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV)

The all-new Aqua is the first Toyota model to feature the Comfort Pedal*7. By selecting the Power+ Mode, drivers only have to relax pressure on the accelerator pedal to generate regenerative braking force, and smoothly slow the vehicle. The Comfort Pedal reduces driver burden by lessening the frequency with which accelerator and brake pedals have to be pressed, and also results in responsive feedback.

The latest active safety package

The all-new Aqua is equipped as standard with the latest edition of Toyota Safety Sense, which is replete with cutting-edge active safety functions: its pre-collision safety functions feature an expanded scope of operation, now covering accidents that occur when turning left or right at intersections; Full Speed Range Radar Cruise Control makes car outings more comfortable; Lane Tracing Assist (LTA) provides steering support to keep the vehicle centered in its lane; and Plus Support controls sudden acceleration due to misapplication of the accelerator pedal.

For the first time in a Toyota compact car, the all-new Aqua is equipped with Toyota Teammate Advanced Park and Parking Support Brake. Toyota Teammate Advanced Park provides support for all parking operations, including steering wheel, brake, accelerator, and gear shifting operations; in addition to detecting stationary objects in front of and behind the vehicle, the latest version of Parking Support Brake is capable of detecting stationary objects on either side, and provides alerts and brake control to help avoid collisions.

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