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Toyota Motor Corporation Announces Appointment of Tommi Mäkinen as a Motorsport Advisor

Sep. 22, 2020

Tommi Mäkinen* will be appointed as a Motorsport Advisor to Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) from January 2021, with the aim of further advancing the manufacturing of ever-better cars.

Behind the appointment is Tommi Mäkinen's impressive contribution to the supercharged re-ignition of Toyota's World Rally operations from 2017. Tommi Mäkinen and his team of professionals at Tommi Mäkinen Racing Oy helped Toyota to develop a highly competitive rally car and also built the team, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing World Rally Team, to run it at the highest level of world rallying, the FIA World Rally Championship.

The goal of the Toyota WRC-project was to re-start the world rallying operation effectively with the flexible organization which only a small company can achieve. I am happy to say that this goal has now been reached and it is time for me to move on to new challenges with Toyota. I want to thank Akio Toyoda for trusting me with this project and supporting us all the way to reach the goals we set together.

Akio Toyoda, President of Toyota Motor Corporation

It was only after I met Tommi that I was able to decide on Toyota's return to the WRC.It is because of his support that we are able to win at the WRC.And by leveraging his expertise, we were able to create the GR Yaris, a 4WD sports car.

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