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Top Releases of April 2020

It was quite a diverse month for Top Releases, as games in April were developed in 14 different countries (check the full list below for details).

Developer Spotlights - Early AccessAs we build these charts every month, it's easy to notice the consistent representation from titles utilizing Early Access. So, for this month's post, we thought it would be exciting to celebrate a few products coming out of Early Access, while hearing a bit about the journey from their developers. We asked 1939 Games (Kards - The WWII Card Game) & Unfrozen (Iratus: Lord of the Dead) about their experiences and takeaways from Early Access, what their players enjoyed most, and what they'd recommend to other teams who may be considering this model of development.

Looking back on the game's run through Steam Early Access last year, Ingó Aevarsson from 1939 reflected on the experience, Early Access was an invaluable part of our journey, especially due to the PvP focus of the game. We treated Early Access like our dress rehearsal. You don't get the same exposure as a fully released game, but there are just enough players to gather a lot of valuable data and feedback.

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