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Top Releases of June 2021

We're happy to announce our Top Releases of June 2021

Riding high on the excitement of the annual Steam Summer Sale, we're happy to announce Steam's Top Releases for the month of June. As with previous lists, we look at every game released during the month and highlight the Top 20 based on their first two weeks of revenue. We also highlight the top 5 free-to-play games, ranked by the number of unique players they acquired after launch.

The Top Releases of June 2021 With the release of fresh single-player games like Going Medieval and SCARLET NEXUS, June's Top Releases have families and friends begging each other for a turn. But for those having trouble sharing, we suggest taking a look the huge variety of content this month featuring unique multiplayer experiences.

A number of these multiplayer releases also take full advantage of Steam's Remote Play Together functionality, which allows friends to connect to multiplayer sessions without even launching the game. The feature was recently updated as well, now letting players join these remote sessions without even having Steam installed.

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