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Top Releases of May 2021

We're happy to announce our Top Releases of May 2021

Returning to our monthly series, we're happy to announce Steam's Top Releases for the month of May. As with previous lists, we look at every game released during the month and highlight the Top 20 based on their first two weeks of revenue.

The Top Releases of May 2021 No matter how many times we watch these Top Release lists come together, we're amazed by the consistent representation of games from developers around the world. May also saw releases from several big name franchises that have us looking back fondly at years of unforgettable characters and thrilling stories. Saints Row & Mass Effect have been fixtures on Steam for more than a decade, so it's only fitting that their remastered editions are Top Releases all these years later. Take a look at the full list of May's Franchises to pick your favorite.

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