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Introducing New Ways to Browse Steam

After four months in beta experimentation though Steam Labs, the Steam Store now offers new ways to navigate and browse its tens of thousands of titles. Featuring new points of entry for New & Noteworthy titles, plus Categories featuring popular Sub-Genres, Themes, and various forms of Player Support.

New & NoteworthyMany users rely on our charts for quick snapshots of what’s new and popular on Steam. These are now accessible from one menu, New & Noteworthy, which also provides direct access to current specials, recent updates, and upcoming titles headed to Steam.

CategoriesA basic list of genres, while easy to browse, falls a bit short given how diverse the Steam catalog has become. Our new Categories menu helps users quickly discover and dive into the breadth and depth of interesting games on Steam. This menu serves up dozens of new categories of games, which can then be explored further.

New Entry Points: Genres, Themes, and Player Modes Our new navigational entry points are modeled after the three chief ways players tend to browse Steam—by genre, by theme, and by player modes.

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