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Top Releases of November 2020

Continuing our monthly series, we're happy to announce the Top Releases of November. As a reminder, we showcase the Top 20 titles released during the month, measured by the revenue generated during the first two weeks after release. We also highlight the Top 5 free-to-play titles, based on number of unique players they acquired.

Whether it's the excitement of blazing danger in Firefighting Simulator, the feeling of worldwide musical fame in FUSERTM, the challenge of attaining perfection in Football Manager 2021, or even the appetite for exploration in Mars Horizon, these games give players a taste of what these careers entail - now only if they came with the paycheck, too!

We're also happy to see four new Early Access debuts in November, each well on their way to creating collaborative and invested communities. We're looking forward to watching these games and their communities grow as they progress through Early Access.

About half of the games this month are coming from teams who are releasing a product on Steam for the very first time. Some of these teams have worked on games before, while others are completely new to development.

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