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The Steam Halloween Sale is On Now!

Get into the Halloween spirit with the Steam Halloween Sale, on now until November 2nd at 10am Pacific.

Reap ghoulish discounts on horror and Halloween-themed games across the Steam catalog. The sale also features other great games that have special Halloween-themed activities and updates that are happening during the Halloween Sale, such as: RUST's Halloween Update The Long Dark's Escape the Darkwalker Halloween Event Dead By Daylight's The Eternal Blight Event No Man's Sky's Halloween Update Graveyard Keeper’s Third DLC, Game of Crone Deep Rock Galactic's Deep Rock Ghoulactic Update Don't Starve Together's Return of Them: Forgotten Knowledge and Hallowed Nights King of Crabs Devil's Island Halloween Event For Honor's Monsters of the Otherworld Event SMITE's The Reaping 2020 Project Winter's Cabin Fever: Trick or Traitor Event DOOM Eternal's The Ancient Gods Part One Them's Fightin' Herds Return of the Frightenin' Herds Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege's Sugar FrightYou can also deck out your profile in our most haunted Halloween art yet, designed by Claire Hummel (@shoomlah on Twitter) and available now in the Points Shop as an avatar frame, animated avatar, and animated profile background.

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