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Top Releases of August 2020

Returning to our monthly Top Release series, we're excited to unveil Steam's Top Releases for the month of August. Many games made their debuts, but this list highlights the 20 that rose to the top of the charts. Like with previous months, we establish the Top 20 by looking at revenue generated during the two weeks following each game's release. We are also highlighting the top 5 free-to-play games, established by the total number of unique players they acquired during launch.

As we watch the Top Release lists fill out over the course of each month, it's always a fun surprise to see the different types of games players are enjoying. We were struck by how many of August's Top Releases offer some level of Remote Play integration. The feature, which is available for about half of August's releases, allows games to be launched from a PC and then streamed and played on a number of supported devices. If you enjoy the convenience of playing from a phone, the uniqueness of interacting with a tablet, or the comfort of sitting in front of the TV, be sure to check the Remote Play Hub, where you'll find thousands of games supporting Steam Remote Play.

Three of the games on August's list go a step further by offering Remote Play Together support. With this feature, Remote Play technology allows friends to connect to each other's sessions as if they were sitting in the same room. If you or a friend just purchased this month's hits, Captain Tsubasa, PGA TOUR 2K21, or Spiritfarer®, make sure to join a session and experience the timeless thrill of sitting together (virtually) to play some local multiplayer.

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