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Top Releases of February 2020

February may have been the shortest month of the year, but that doesn't mean a shortage of top releases on Steam

With nearly half of the games this month graduating to full release or making their debuts, Early Access continues to be a successful option for developers and players alike.

This month an astounding 11 games are coming from teams releasing their first ever Steam product. Developer Spotlights: Flying Oak Games & Ink Stains Games Obviously, finding success with a first release is not something that every team achieves. This month we thought it would be great to celebrate some of the teams whose first releases didn't make a top 20 list, but have found their way on to this month’s charts with a subsequent release. We asked Flying Oak Games (ScourgeBringer) and Ink Stains Games (Stoneshard) about the biggest takeaways from their first launches, how those translated to success this time around, and what they'd recommend to other developers who didn't make a top 20 list with their first launch.

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