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Top Releases of January 2020

In the past six months alone, top releases were developed in more than 30 different countries across six continents. More than half of January's top releases were developed in Asia, with eight titles coming from Japanese development teams.

The prevalence of Asian products in January likely comes from a huge variety of factors: change in geographical spending, impact of the Lunar New Year holiday, differences in developer release schedules, and certainly a bit of coincidence. English-speakers are still a huge part of Steam's audience, but the success of January's top releases reinforces the fact that now, more than ever, Steam players come from all over the world and will support a huge variety of language options.

Many first Steam releases on the listOne trend that didn't change this month is that of new developers finding success when bringing their first product to Steam. We're excited to welcome 10 development teams on this month's list who are launching their very first product on Steam.

For those who are nostalgic, curious or even looking for a classic game to explore, we thought we'd look at the top games debuting in January 2010 (sorted by release date). The list for January 2010 is quite different from our normal format, as it contains just 11 games, which happens to be every single game that released on Steam that month.

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