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Top Releases of December 2019

This month we'll be looking at the final top release list of the 2010s. These are the top products released in December 2019, as measured by revenue generated during the first two weeks after their launch. We also included the top 5 most popular free-to-play releases, measured by total unique player count for the two weeks following release.

These developers have their own regional insights and experiences that allow them to incorporate unique themes, cultural elements and gaming mechanics to give an amazing amount of choice to Steam players.

This month stuck out to us again, with almost half of the products coming from development teams who haven't yet been on Steam. The studios represented each month tell a worthwhile story, but what about the games themselves - elements like game mechanics, themes, visual styles and genres. With these factors often represented in the form of user tags, we can actually look at the top three tags applied to the games on this month's list to get an idea of what elements they share, along with elements that stand alone.

The first thing we noticed this month is that only a handful of tags are applied to many games on the list: Action (9 games), Adventure (9), RPG (7), Indie (6) and Casual (6). Unlike the highest-frequency tags, these are more likely to give specific insights about what makes each game unique. These tags also validate the creativity and perception of developers, who are able to find success each month by combining familiar shared themes with unique one-off elements.

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