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Top Releases of June 2020

When the Top Release lists come together each month, we’re always curious to see what themes end up being shared among the top games. One theme that seems to appear nearly every month is the consistently high volume of Top Releases that utilize Steam’s Early Access (EA) model of development.

Electronic Arts (EA) stormed the charts this month, racking up eight of the Top 20 New Releases for June (BattlefieldTM V, Command & ConquerTM Remastered Collection, Crysis® 3, Dragon AgeTM Inquisition, Need for SpeedTM Heat, The SimsTM 4, STAR WARSTM BattlefrontTM II, and Titanfall® 2). EA’s developer list for these titles reads like of a who’s who of game studios, with DICE, Maxis, BioWare, Crytek and Respawn all making appearances on June’s Top 20.

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