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Steam Labs Celebrates One Year of Experimentation

This July marks the one year anniversary of Steam Labs, which launched with three experiments and big ambitions to improve Steam through public experimentation and iteration. Today we’re celebrating with the official release of Community Recommendations, introduced to Steam via Labs.

Steam Labs is a space to explore the potential for new and improved versions of Steam through inquiry, exploration, and conversation with you. The most pivotal part of our design process is the moment where you come in, and with Labs we’re able to include you much earlier. To assess what works and what doesn’t, we’ve been listening to your feedback, gathering evidence to learn how people use our experiments, and conducting A/B tests to measure relative success among potential designs.

Below is some background on what we have learned in the Labs during the past year, and how it led us to ship four experiments, shelve two, and continue to design and refine others on the way.

Shipped ExperimentsWith your help, the following experiments graduated from the Labs to Steam, where they’re helping people discover and find a wider range of games.

Community RecommendationsToday’s launch out of Steam Labs, Community Recommendations showcases your reviews by featuring them right on our home page for everyone to see.

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