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After enforced COVID-19 break: Work on seventh SKODA Student Car picks up again

Since autumn 2019, 31 students from the ŠKODA vocational school in Mladá Boleslav, among them five women, have been working on their dream car. For the first time, students are basing their design, the seventh in the series since the start of the yearly ŠKODA Student Car project, on the ŠKODA SCALA compact model, which they are transforming into an exciting spider.

Halting production at all ŠKODA plants as well as all training at the ŠKODA vocational school due to the COVID-19 pandemic also affected the Student Car project and upended its already tight schedule. “The shutdown of production was a seismic event for all ŠKODA staff. For us trainees involved with the Student Car project, it was a nerve-racking time as well, as we didn’t know whether we would be able to resume our work, and if so, when. You only get one chance to participate in a project like this. So we’re very happy and grateful to be able to finally get going again, even if it’s only through theory lessons and video conferences for now. Once we can pick up practical work on the vehicle from June, we’ll try to make up for the lost time as well as we can,” says Štěpán Fabian, the team member responsible for the vehicle’s presentation.

Zdeněk Stanke, the Student Car project manager, explains the special challenges involved in working as part of such a small team: “Maintaining a safe distance from each other at all times, in particular later on during the practical part, will require a special effort. This applies above all to the final assembly of the Student Car, which will be entirely done by hand. We have therefore developed new process flows to minimise contacts, and we’re providing suitable protective equipment for situations where keeping a safe distance cannot be guaranteed at all times. We also ensure that all the tools and materials required for each job are regularly disinfected. Despite this exceptional situation, which is a challenge to us all, I already look forward to the moment when we can present our car to journalists and the public at large.”

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