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Climatronic Air Care system purifies air in many SKODA models

The fully automatic ŠKODA AUTO Climatronic air conditioning systems are available in dual-zone and three-zone format, depending on the model and trim level. Once activated, the Climatronic Air Care system thoroughly purifies the air in the cabin using multi-layered interior filters, making the journey even more pleasant – not only for allergy sufferers.

The Climatronic Air Care system uses various sensors and an advanced activated-carbon combination filter to optimise air quality and humidity in the vehicle’s interior; it monitors not only the interior and exterior temperatures but also the temperature of the windscreen and the relative humidity. The Climatronic with Air Care function is available either as a standard feature or as an option for all new ŠKODA models.

In many ŠKODA models, the Air Quality System for automatic air recirculation uses an additional pollutant sensor that detects gaseous impurities such as hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides and sulphur dioxide. If there is an increased concentration of such gases in the cabin, the air supply from outside is automatically interrupted and the system temporarily switches to recirculation mode.

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