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Oliver Stefani: “The all-new FABIA looks considerably more dynamic and grown-up”

Oliver Stefani: The all-new FABIA looks considerably more dynamic and grown-up than its predecessors. It is a contemporary and elegant car that evokes more emotions with its new proportions and lines.

What would you say are the design highlights of the new FABIA?

(Laughs.) There are numerous striking details we were able to implement for the all-new FABIA, including slim headlights with sharply defined lines, LED modules that look like ice crystals, a sculptured bonnet, and the dynamic roofline that slopes towards the rear. Round air vents and soft materials, including textiles, make the interior look much more modern. A completely new feature for ŠKODA is the FABIA lettering on both sides of the cockpit cover – an incredibly nice detail, in my opinion.

Can you describe the experience of designing the new, fourth-generation FABIA from the ground up?

After all, the FABIA has been an important part of our portfolio for over 20 years now. Therefore, while implementing the current ŠKODA design language for the fourth generation, we also made sure to respect the essence of the FABIA.

What constitutes this essence of the FABIA? What is the common thread across all generations?

Stefani: A ŠKODA FABIA is always practical and functional, has an extraordinary amount of space for families and represents excellent value for money. In addition, every FABIA generation offers state-of-the-art technology at launch, as well as a contemporary design, which has become considerably more dynamic and emotive for the current, fourth generation.

What distinguishes the new FABIA from its competitors?

Stefani: I am particularly proud that it combines a sporty and elegant shape with superior aerodynamics. What I particularly appreciate about the interior on a personal level is its clear and symmetrical design.

How exactly are the various tasks distributed among the members of your design team?

Stefani: Karl Neuhold is responsible for the exterior design. His team works out how to reconcile technical requirements such as proportions and aerodynamics with those of the design. The interior design is overseen by Peter Olah.

This results in a huge pool of ideas drawing on very different cultures. Another important aspect is that everyone can submit their own ideas, with no contribution discarded prematurely. We always try to give each idea the required space and time to develop.

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