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Sustainability Report: SKODA AUTO sets more ambitious sustainability goals and provides comprehensive support in the fight against COVID-19

CO2-neutral energy to be used in vehicle and component production at Czech plants by end of decade In addition, the car manufacturer is adopting measures to switch completely to CO2-neutral energy in vehicle and component production at its Czech sites over the course of the decade: The high-tech Vrchlabí site has been leading the way in this regard since the end of 2020.

For ŠKODA AUTO, embracing social responsibility is a fundamental part of its sustainability strategy. The car manufacturer promotes numerous measures for long-term and sustainable regional development in the areas surrounding its production sites, primarily in the areas of welfare, healthcare and environmental protection.

In the company’s home country, the Czech Republic, the focus of its social engagement last year was on providing rapid and unbureaucratic help in combating the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, as the largest mobility partner of social services and institutions in the Czech health system, [ŠKODA__AUTO__donated__100__ŠKODA__OCTAVIAs__worth__85 million__Czech__crowns] to various aid organisations.

CSR initiative ‘One Tree for Every Car’ has been supporting restoring forests in Czech Republic since 2007 The long-term campaign ‘One Tree for Every Car’ demonstrates the versatility of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects ŠKODA AUTO supports; it promotes restoring forests in the Czech Republic.

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