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120 years of SKODA Motorsport: Brochure and video featuring legendary vehicles

120 years of motorsport from Mladá Boleslav in a new brochure Featuring a host of captivating reports and illustrative pictures from past and present, it guides readers through the 120-year history of ŠKODA Motorsport. In addition, the brochure also examines the present-day world of ŠKODA Motorsport through to special models with all-wheel drive.

The ŠKODA Storyboard also presents a wealth of exciting content on the 120-year history of ŠKODA Motorsport. The tour through 120 years of ŠKODA motorsport ends with a ride in the current ŠKODA FABIA Rally2 evo.

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Jul 01, 2021 at 20:12


Video provided by Skoda.


ŠKODA Storyboard Video: Five icons from the history of ŠKODA Motorsport in action


Jul 01, 2021 by ŠKODA VIMEO PRO


Rally driver Jan Kopecký puts legendary motor prototypes from Mladá Boleslav through their paces: the Laurin & Klement type FC l from 1908, the ŠKODA SPORT from 1950, the ŠKODA 130 LR type 745 from 1984, the ŠKODA FAVORIT 136 L from 1994 and the current ŠKODA FABIA Rally2 evo.