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SKODA AUTO infotainment systems warn of slippery roads

Sebastian Lasek, Head of Product Line Connectivity at ŠKODA AUTO, stated: The system uses the car’s sensors to detect challenging road conditions in advance. To this end, the ‘Local Hazard Information Service’ increases active safety for drivers and passengers. We are continuously developing our connectivity services to offer our customers extra safety features and even more convenience.

The sensor data is anonymised when transmitted to the cloud. Subsequently, the data is transmitted to a service provider. Using the data collected, the road network is then displayed as a precise three-dimensional model, which is used to send alerts to vehicles when they approach or already find themselves in an area with bad road surfaces.

The underlying technology can be used for numerous other applications too: for example, road authorities can use the data to obtain real-time information about different road sections, allowing them to gain insight into the condition of the road network. The data can also provide information as to which roads have already been gritted or cleared.

The more vehicles provide data, the more accurate the swarm intelligence-based analysis, maps and information and/or driver alerts will be.

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