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SKODA OCTAVIA TOURING SPORT (1960): Successful return to international rally courses

Success in motorsport has always been a good way to promote new models, and ŠKODA sent its vehicles to compete in prestigious international events. A solid and reliable basic model like the ŠKODA OCTAVIA TS proved powerful enough to make it to the front of the field.

ŠKODA OCTAVIA TS: Carefully considered modifications boost performance The OCTAVIA TS was available with two displacements and therefore also in two performance variants.

OCTAVIA TS 1200 from 1962 Production of the modernised OCTAVIA and FELICIA was launched in 1961, and ŠKODA offered both models as ‘SUPER’ versions. Thanks to an even higher compression ratio of 8.4:1, the OCTAVIA TS 1200 presented in January 1962 generated 55 hp at 5,100 rpm. More than 2,270 units of the OCTAVIA TS and the OCTAVIA 1200 TS rolled off the Mladá Boleslav production line between 1960 and 1964.

OCTAVIA TS: 920 kilograms, four-speed gearbox and independent suspension all-round Although the OCTAVIA TS 1200 – with a kerb weight of 920 kilograms – was 20 kilograms heavier than the FELICIA convertible, the manufacturer claimed identical driving performance with the same fuel consumption.

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