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The all-new SKODA OCTAVIA PRO for China: More digital and emotive, and with a lot of extra space

The all-new ŠKODA OCTAVIA PRO for the Chinese market uses the same emotive design language as the fourth-generation OCTAVIA in Europe. Overall, the OCTAVIA PRO looks like a dynamic coupé. This impression is reinforced by front and rear aprons in the style of the sporting OCTAVIA RS combined with a black roof, black exterior mirrors and alloy wheels measuring up to 18 inches in diameter.

Multi-level instrument panel, 12-inch display and optional head-up display The new interior architecture of the ŠKODA OCTAVIA is dominated by a multi-level instrument panel and a free-standing central display with a differently coloured area beneath it echoing the contours of the ŠKODA grille. The OCTAVIA PRO’s touchscreen display has a screen diagonal of 12 inches. It can be complemented by an optional head-up-display projecting items like the current speed, navigation prompts, detected road signs and activated driver assistance systems onto the windscreen, in the driver’s immediate field of vision. The OCTAVIA PRO also includes many sophisticated comfort features, such as front seats that offer ventilation in addition to seat heating and electric adjustment.

The ŠKODA OCTAVIA PRO features innovative assistance systems such as an exit warning function that tells occupants opening a door whether there are other vehicles or cyclists approaching from behind.

The original OCTAVIA introduced in 1959 was the eighth ŠKODA model to feature a state-of-the-art independent suspension for all wheels and also the Czech carmaker’s eighth model since the Second World War. In 1996, ŠKODA introduced the modern OCTAVIA, which has since gone on to become the brand’s most popular and iconic model, with a production total of over 6.8 million.

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