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Laurin & Klement SLAVIA B: The history of SKODA Motorsport began 120 years ago between Paris and Berlin

When courage and fearlessness combine with a little insanity, the scene is set for legendary success – as was the case in the early days of motorsport at the beginning of the 20th century. At that time, determined pioneers systematically broke new ground and pushed the limits of what was possible and achievable – always with a firm belief in technological progress.

Václav Laurin and Václav Klement, the founders of the eponymous bicycle manufacturer from Mladá Boleslav in Bohemia, were among these visionaries. Thanks in part to Václav Klement’s entrepreneurial vision and keen business sense, the manufacturer expanded rapidly in the following years: the professional bookseller secured large orders in his own country and at the same time raised Laurin & Klement’s profile in important industrial nations such as Germany and Great Britain. Successes in long-distance races attracted a lot of international attention at the time and served Václav Klement as a means to an end.

Narcis Podsedníček – the first works rider of the motorbike manufacturer from Mladá Boleslav The “motorised two-wheelers” from Mladá Boleslav made their motorsport debut in 1901 at the biggest event of the time, the race from Paris via Aachen and Hanover to Berlin. Works rider Narcis Podsedníček started the three-day race for Laurin & Klement as one of ten participants in the two- and three-wheeler categories.

Although Podsedníček had been considered an outsider at best in the run-up to the race, he reached Berlin first in his class on the Laurin & Klement motorcycle.

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