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SKODA ENYAQ iV – Leading the field in terms of drag coefficient

The aerodynamically optimised lower part of the front bumper with uniquely shaped spoilers in front of the wheels directs the air under the vehicle where it flows along the smooth underbody panelling and the battery. Combined with the air curtains placed in the front bumper further accelerating the air, all these elements also guide the flow of air smoothly around the wheel arches towards the rear of the vehicle. Since the wheels alone account for around 25% of the air resistance, aerodynamically optimised alloy wheels are available for the ENYAQ iV, which ensures less air turbulence.

Exterior mirrors, roof spoiler and rear diffuser reduce aerodynamic drag behind the vehicle In addition, the rear diffuser with an integrated spoiler lip interacts with the roof spoiler to balance the air turbulence behind the ENYAQ iV. The aerodynamically optimised exterior mirrors lowering drag and reducing wind noise, are designed to direct air towards the rear and reduce airflow around the vehicle.

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