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New photovoltaic system for SKODA AUTO Service Centre in Kosmonosy

Stanislav Pekař, Head of After Sales at ŠKODA AUTO, said: The new photovoltaic system will allow us to cover a quarter of the electricity required at our ŠKODA AUTO Service and Training Centre in Kosmonosy with CO2-neutral energy. Solar power can be temporarily stored in batteries with a capacity of 570 KWh and can thus be called up from there at any time, for example to charge electric vehicles.

Vlastimil Vyskočáni, ČEZ ESCO’s Sales Director, added: An increasing number of manufacturers in Europe and around the globe are starting to produce their own eco-friendly energy. And the Czech Republic is now also following this trend. Progressive companies such as ŠKODA AUTO are becoming more and more interested in CO2-neutral solutions and, with their own solar-power rooftop installation, they can be sure that their company uses clean electricity. Practically any roof that faces south, east or west can be used for solar panels.

In addition to the photovoltaic modules and the storage batteries, the new solar-power rooftop installation also includes lightning conductors, a fire detector system, and the corresponding wiring, as well as low-voltage devices and a back-up power supply unit for ŠKODA AUTO’s data network.

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