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Rally Hungary: SKODA privateer Andreas Mikkelsen wins Rally Hungary – Oliver Solberg finishes fourth

He proved himself right by claiming the lead after the second stage of the rally, eventually winning five of the nine special stages of the Saturday leg. During the second leg, Mikkelsen and Fløene continued their dominant performance, finally taking the victory with a margin of more than one and a half minute.

But when a puncture during the seventh stage cost around 45 seconds, they dropped to fifth position. These stages are really not easy ones. They are nice roads, but the changes in grip and the surface – going from mud, to lots of mud to dry, then wet – it made it really complicated, Solberg said.

Final result Rally Hungary (ERC)

1. Mikkelsen/Fløene (NOR/NOR), ŠKODA FABIA Rally2 evo, 1:48:31.1 hrs. 2. Munster/Louka (LUX/BEL), Hyundai i20 Rally2, +1:32.2 min. 3. Llarena/Fernández (ESP/ESP), Citroën C3 Rally2, +2:00.3 min. 4. Solberg/Johnston (SWE/IRL), ŠKODA FABIA Rally2 evo, +2:04.8 min. 5. Mayr-Melnhof/Welserheimb (AUT/AUT), Ford Fiesta Mk II Rally2, +2:08.2 min. 6. Herczig/Ferencz (HUN/HUN), Volkswagen Polo GTI Rally2, +2:31.4 min.

1. Alexey Lukyanuk (RUS), Citroën, 115 points 2. Grégoire Munster (BEL), Hyundai, 89 points 3. Oliver Solberg (SWE), ŠKODA and VW, 84 points

Championship Standings ERC1 Junior (after 4 of 6 rounds)

1. Grégoire Munster (BEL), Hyundai, 125 points 2. Oliver Solberg (SWE), ŠKODA and VW, 122 points 3. Llarena Efrén (ESP), Citroën, 79 points Andreas Mikkelsen/Ola Fløene powered their ŠKODA FABIA Rally2 evo to seven fastest times on the 16 stages of Rally Hungary – no other crew won more stages than the Norwegian pairing.

The calendar of the 2020 FIA European Rally Championship (ERC)

Rally di Roma Capitale 24/07/–26/07/2020 Rally Liepāja 14/08/–16/08/2020 Rally Fafe Montelongo 02/10/–04/10/2020 Rally Hungary 06/11/–08/11/2020 Rally Islas Canarias 26/11/–28/11/2020 Spa Rally 12/12/–13/12/2020

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