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Lesser-known models from SKODA AUTO’s 125-year history: Type 998 ‘Agromobil’ from 1962

At the end of the 1950s and the beginning of the 1960s, ŠKODA already had decades of experience in constructing off-road commercial vehicles. For this reason, the Ministry of Agriculture in Mladá Boleslav asked whether it was possible to design a model that would meet the requirements of agriculture and forestry and could additionally be used in open-cast mining.

The compact vehicle was 3.47 metres long and 1.70 metres wide and had a self-supporting body with a platform body covered by a tarpaulin that also extended over the cab for the driver and passenger. The loading edge of the 1.98-metre-long and 1.59-metre-wide loading area was only 70 centimetres above the road.

One of the special features of this versatile off-road vehicle was the undivided windscreen: it could be folded forwards, thus reducing the height of the ‘Agromobil’ from 1.94 to 1.41 metres – ideal for trips through the forest or when being transported by plane. Its excellent off-road characteristics were achieved mainly thanks to a wheelbase of only 1.90 metres and the short body overhangs, which gave an almost identical slope angle of nearly 45 degrees at both the front and rear. A generous ground clearance of 290 millimetres when the vehicle was empty and 230 millimetres when fully loaded also contributed to its off-road capabilities.

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