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How SKODA crews prepare to be physically strong for rallies

For a rally driver like Oliver Solberg, the Corona crisis is no excuse to become a couch potato. The 18 years old is currently at home with his family in Torsby in Sweden. But even there he is constantly working on his mental and physical fitness. To keep mind and body focussed, he can not only rely on the always helpful coaching advice from his father Petter, who was World Rally Champion back in 2003. Solberg Junior also turns to a variety of indoor activities. To hone his reflexes, he started #TheSolbergRACE on the internet. Eventually 4,420 competitors from all over the world took on the talented young driver in a virtual rally competition.

But the ŠKODA supported privateer also works permanently on his physical fitness. He will compete for ŠKODA in the Czech Rally Championship and is during the competition break as well focussed on his mental and physical fitness.

Physical fitness essential in the world of motorsports But why do rally drivers have to be physically fit at all?

The calendar of the 2020 FIA World Rally Championship

Event/Date Monte-Carlo 23/01/–26/01/2020 Sweden 13/02/–16/02/2020 Mexico 12/03/–15/03/2020 (Argentina 23/04/–26/04/2020*) (Portugal 21/05/–24/05/2020*) (Italy 04/06/–07/06/2020*) Finland 06/08/–09/08/2020 New Zealand 03/09/–06/09/2020 Turkey 24/09/–27/09/2020 Germany 15/10/–18/10/2020 Great Britain 29/10/–01/11/2020 Japan 19/11/–22/11/2020

*Events postponed due to the fight against the spread of the Coronavirus

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