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Mobility that inspires: SKODA launches global campaign for the iV e-mobility sub-brand

Marc-Andreas Brinkmann, Head of Marketing at ŠKODA AUTO emphasises: ’Recharge Life’ focuses on people and addresses emotional topics such as family, love, adventure, joy, trust and community. This approach is the unifying feature of all marketing activities within the framework of ŠKODA AUTO’s first integrated campaign for the e-mobility sub-brand ŠKODA iV. We will actively promote ‘Recharge Life’ both online and through all other communication channels.

This is exactly where the ŠKODA iV models open up new possibilities: They create moments that transcend everyday life and remain in our memories. In addition to the ENYAQ iV, ‘Recharge Life’ also promotes the iV versions of the ŠKODA OCTAVIA.

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Sep 09, 2020 at 20:21


Video provided by Skoda.


Mobility that inspires: ŠKODA launches global campaign for the iV e-mobility sub-brand


Sep 03, 2020 by ŠKODA VIMEO PRO


Using evocative images and slogans, the multimedia campaign presents the practical electric vehicles of the e-mobility sub-brand ŠKODA iV, introduces the model range and generates enthusiasm for the new ŠKODA ENYAQ iV.