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125 years of SKODA: A journey through time with twelve automotive milestones from the company’s history

Starting out from the ŠKODA Museum at the company’s headquarters in Mladá Boleslav, where some of these vehicles are on display as exhibits, the journey through time continues around the town.

Each of the twelve milestones of this unique motorcade has shaped its time and added a chapter to the development history of ŠKODA vehicles. The automaker’s tradition is represented by the [L&K__Voiturette__A__built__between__1905__and__1907], the first generation [ŠKODA__SUPERB__(1934__to__1949)] and the ŠKODA POPULAR MONTE CARLO (1936 to 1939) as well as a ŠKODA FELICIA convertible (1959 to 1964), a ŠKODA 1000 MB (1964 to 1969), a ŠKODA TREKKA (1966 to 1972) and a ŠKODA 110 R Coupé (1970 to 1980). The period from the mid-1980s to the present day is represented by the FAVORIT (1987 to 1994), the first generation of the modern OCTAVIA (1996 to 2010), a ŠKODA YETI (2009 to 2017), the ŠKODA SCALA produced since 2018 and a camouflaged ŠKODA ENYAQ iV, which will be presented to the global public soon.

Highlights from the 1930s include the impressive [ŠKODA__SUPERB], which was the brand’s flagship model even at that time, offering a spacious interior and a high level of driving comfort, and the ŠKODA POPULAR MONTE CARLO, which, thanks to its transaxle design with a transmission on the rear axle, had outstanding handling characteristics. It was in honour of this special model, which celebrated victories at the legendary Monte Carlo Rally, that ŠKODA introduced the MONTE CARLO designation that still denotes the sporty model versions of the FABIA, SCALA and KAMIQ today.

ŠKODA 1000 MB with self-supporting body and aluminium engine block in the rear In 1964 ŠKODA introduced a self-supporting body in the revolutionary [ŠKODA__1000__MB], thus ushering in the era of the rear engine. The ŠKODA 130 RS, which was successful both in rallies and on circuits, later built on the sporty two-door coupé and is still remembered today in ŠKODA’s sporty RS models.

Comments on the journey through time with twelve milestones spanning 125 years of corporate history:

“Each of these special models from ŠKODA’s 125-year history has significantly influenced the company’s development. Many of our brand values have a long-standing tradition. For example, the high driving comfort goes back to the first ŠKODA SUPERB, the extraordinary design can be found in the ŠKODA FELICIA, modern body construction shaped the ŠKODA 1000 MB and the first modern OCTAVIA won over the public with its generous space. With the new ENYAQ iV, the modular electrification toolkit gives us the opportunity to combine all these virtues into one vehicle that is locally emission-free and therefore particularly sustainable with its 100% battery-powered drive”.

ŠKODA can look back on 125 years of history and has produced many iconic vehicles during this time. Each new vehicle is based on the experience gained through developing and driving previous models. The ENYAQ iV is the quintessence of all this knowledge, but at the same time, it also brings new ideas to the vehicle that are exciting and Simply Clever. As our first purely battery-electric vehicle designed as such from the outset, the ENYAQ iV is taking our company into a new era.

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