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SKODA assistants actively support, warn and protect

Side Assist can detect vehicles approaching from behind or in the blind spot up to a distance of 70 metres.

The Adaptive Distance Assistant, which automatically matches your speed to vehicles in front up to 210 km/h, has also been upgraded. Travel Assist provides additional comfort and safety: it combines the functions of various systems and detects a medical emergency. Travel Assist includes Anticipatory Adaptive Distance Assist, an improved version of traffic sign recognition, Adaptive Lane-Keeping Assistant with road works recognition, Congestion Assist and Emergency Assist. Every 15 seconds while driving, Travel Assist checks whether the driver is touching the steering wheel or has possibly lost control of the vehicle. If the driver does not intervene despite a warning, Emergency Assist activates the hazard warning lights and brings the vehicle to a controlled stop.

Modern assistants from higher vehicle segments now available for the compact class Lane Departure Warning and Front Assist with City Emergency Brake function come as standard in the compact models SCALA and KAMIQ. Lane Departure Warning uses the camera in the windscreen to detect lane boundaries and road markings. The system warns the driver of unintentional lane changes and automatically counter-steers to keep the vehicle in its lane. Front-wheel assistant monitors the distance to the vehicle in front and warns the driver of an impending collision.

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