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Not just for allergy sufferers: Clean air in SKODA vehicles thanks to Climatronic Air Care System

During this circulation process, the air passes through a highly effective activated carbon cabin filter in the Air Care System each time.

Three different cabin filters in use ŠKODA uses three different cabin filters in its vehicles. In addition to the basic version for the entire ŠKODA model range, the manufacturer uses an activated carbon filter that, in addition to having the highest filter capacity, also absorbs unpleasant odours.

Why are air conditioning systems not only one of the most popular, but also one of the most important equipment features of cars? Jan Hrnčíř: Air conditioning systems were once considered a luxury, but now they are standard. This applies in particular to systems such as Climatronic that automatically maintain an optimal temperature and air distribution throughout the vehicle without the driver having to intervene: Once the desired temperature has been set, the driver can concentrate fully on driving, and the system does everything else. Climatronic also ensures optimum visibility since it automatically prevents the windows from fogging up when driving in adverse weather conditions; the driver no longer needs to adjust the air distribution or blower level.

Cabin filters are now an essential part of air conditioning systems. What can be achieved with them?

Hrnčíř: At ŠKODA, we use filters that remove fine dust particles, odours and – crucially for allergy sufferers – also pollen.

What are the differences?

Hrnčíř: The basic cabin air filter is a particulate filter. In addition to these two variants, the most comprehensive filter also comes with a layer that removes allergens.

How effective are the individual filters? What size particles are removed?

Hrnčíř: All three variants belong to the F7 class, which means that they are highly effective in removing dust particles measuring a few micrometres.

How often do the filters need to be changed? Does it depend on the region and environment in which the vehicle is mainly used?

Hrnčíř: We distinguish between two environments: The first group includes countries with low levels of particulate pollution, and the second group represents countries with high levels. For the first group, we recommend changing the filter every two years or 60,000 kilometres. For the second group, we recommend a more frequent interval of one year or 30 000 kilometres.

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