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[Preserving Our Planet] ② Making TV Accessories More Sustainable

Did you know that out of the more than 50 million1 tons of electronics that are thrown away each year, only a mere 17 percent is eventually recycled? With annual e-waste expected to reach as much as 74 million tons by 2030, the global community has started taking steps to reduce consumption and minimize waste.

A Solar Cell-Powered Remote Control That Charges Itself Using Photovoltaic Energy

Even if you have a nice, big, high-performance TV in your living room, you won’t be able to fully enjoy its countless channels and manage the volume and other features without a remote control.

Increasing Electricity Efficiency Makes Solar Cell-Powered Remote Controls Possible

Because the amount of electricity that could be created by converting light energy simply wasn’t enough, it would be impossible to generate enough energy for the remote control using solar cells alone.

Use of Recycled Plastic Materials Contributes to a Huge Reduction in CO2 Emissions

Indeed, the plastic material used to create this roughly 40g device is comprised of 28 percent recycled plastic. Samsung has been utilizing recycled plastic in its products for a long time, and has received various certifications for its eco-friendliness. Now, the company has expanded its scope by applying recycled materials to accessories like remote controls as well.

More Interest in Eco-Friendliness Widens the Range of Recycled Materials

Samsung has long practiced eco-conscious business management, and has been developing eco-conscious products and technologies for several years.

Eco-Packaging: What Would Be Trash Becomes Small Furniture

Increasing products’ efficiency and using recycled materials are clear ways to become more eco-conscious. Now, efforts are being made to address the eco-friendliness of products’ packaging, which would usually be thrown away.

Easy to Make, Beautiful to Behold

Simple steps for assembling the furniture can be found on the website embedded in the QR code printed on the side of the eco-packaging. The website, which was recently updated, not only offers instructions on how to make furniture, but also provides an overall introduction to eco-packaging with relevant videos, said Son.

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