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[Design Story] Visualizing the Next-Generation Display Technology of MICRO LED With Refik Anadol Studio

With their 2021 MICRO LED line, Samsung is bringing users breathtaking visual experiences on an ultra-large TV for the very first time. In order to celebrate the next-generation display technology of MICRO LED, globally renowned media art and design studio Refik Anadol Studio has custom-designed a series of dynamic data sculptures, entitled Artificial Landscapes.

Blurring the Lines

Anadol’s body of work addresses the challenges and possibilities imposed on mankind by ubiquitous computing, and what it means to be a human in the age of machine intelligence.

Fluid Dreams

Fluid Dreams, the first in the Artificial Landscapes collection, draws inspiration from fluid dynamics.

Land Dreams

Land Dreams, the second data sculpture in Artificial Landscapes, offers a unique visual experience showcasing the natural colors able to be showcased on MICRO LED displays, and is based on the data of landscapes and ecological scenery of the world around us.

Space Dreams

The final piece in the Artificial Landscapes series is Space Dreams, an artwork that takes a more avant-garde approach to showcasing cartographic aesthetics.

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[MICRO LED Screen Identity Design Story] Fluid Dreams


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