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Samsung’s S.LSI Developers on the Semiconductors That Support Ultra-High-Definition 8K TV Technology

With the continued evolution of high-definition televisions, the worlds displayed on our TV screens are becoming more realistic than ever.

From DTV SoC to DDI – Sending Video Signals to Displays

These days, our TVs are becoming a platform that also allows us to play games, work out as well as do a broad range of other activities. As people come to expect a more diverse range of features from their TVs, a higher standard of premium features is also being brought to televisions.

The Evolution of T-CON: From Two 60Hz Chips to a Single 120Hz Chip

“The bigger the panel size and the higher the resolution, the more important the role of the T-CON becomes,” said Junghyun Lim, who participated in developing Samsung’s latest 8K T-CON. “The data transmission speed of the T-CON is also important when it comes to quickly transmitting high-resolution video data to the DDI.”

DDI Integration Increases Speeds and Reduces Chip Count

The DDI is responsible for the final step before the video is displayed. Yongjoo Song, who participated in development of the DDI, said, “The DDI needs to deliver high analog voltage to the panel quickly and precisely to allow the video data from the T-CON to be displayed accurately.”

The Secret to Tech Leadership: Development of Samsung’s Own Interface and Organic Semiconductor

In addition, Samsung is constantly analyzing market and technology trends to apply them to products, and Samsung’s own interface has played a huge role in these efforts. “The Samsung interface not only delivers speed but also utilizes the company’s semiconductor driver technologies,” said Sangdeok Kim. “By utilizing its own interface, Samsung was able to make the 8K TV DDI based on the industry’s fastest interface.”

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