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[Design Story] Complete Immersion: The Minimalist Design of Samsung’s Neo QLED 8K TVs

When it comes to eliminating unnecessary elements in design, the first stage in the process is to ascertain what aspects are essential.

How Samsung’s Designers Approach Minimalist Design

1. When designing the Neo QLED 8K, what did you want to carry on from previous Samsung QLED 8K models and what did you want to change? This represents the direction Samsung designers believe that TVs should be moving in. During the design process, I wanted to include the unique identity of the Samsung QLED 8K line and then enhance it through better understanding of users and their spaces. I believe that the combination of advanced technologies with user-centric developments will bring special experiences to our users.

2. During the design process, it seems that decisions had to be made about what to keep and what to remove. What were the driving forces behind making these decisions?

Jigwang Kim : While any design refinement process is never easy, the experience of developing the Attachable Slim One Connect design was the most challenging. Sangyoung Lee : The spaces users are placing their TVs in are becoming more and more diverse. In order to match the lifestyles of today, we analyzed the user’s TV experience on a micro level, down to the smallest aspects. I wanted to provide people with reasonable and simple TV usability, and so the Attachable Slim One Connect’s design was brought about to maximize immersion with its simple yet restrained appearance that can suit any user’s space.

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