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Landscape Photo Comparison: Galaxy S21 Ultra vs. DSLR Cameras

Whether we’re soaking in the scenery in a place we’ve always wanted to visit, or watching our child take her first steps, in these unforgettable moments, the first thing we reach for is our camera. You may be wondering, however, which type of camera would be best for each situation – from capturing vast landscapes in frame to focusing on specific objects.

DSLRs can be bulky and heavy, and they require a variety of lenses – from wide angle to telephoto – to capture various scenes. It’s important to keep that in mind when using a DSLR because the scene you’re capturing will look different depending on the angle of your lens.

Picking the Perfect Lens for the Scene

As mentioned above, even when photographing the same subject, different lenses can produce completely different results. By combining four of the most frequently used lenses out there, the Galaxy S21 Ultra adds new levels of ease and convenience to mobile photography.

The Ultra Wide Lens: Fit Everything Into a Single Shot

To test out the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s Ultra Wide lens, the photographer chose to photograph a merry-go-round in a local park.

3x and 10x Telephoto Lenses: Crystal Clear Close-Ups

Wide-angle lenses widen the camera’s field of view to capture more aspects of a given scene.

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