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[15 Years of TV Leadership] ① Samsung TVs – A Legacy of Innovation

From black and white to color, analog to digital, and digital to smart TVs­—Samsung Electronics has been there for all the key historic moments in the development of the television.

A History of Excellence

Samsung released its initial ‘world’s first’ television in 1998 with the launch of its 55-inch projection TV.

The Commitment to Realizing the Best Definition Ever Seen

Aiming to provide the absolute best experience to its television users, Samsung has maintained a keen commitment to improving image resolution.

Reflecting Users’ Tastes – The Inception of the ‘Era of Smart’

As more and more users gained the ability to handpick the content they wanted to watch, Samsung launched the Samsung TV App Store in 2010. In particular, the app provided a variety of high-quality local content for different countries, which helped to expand viewer pools. By developing the app according to the viewing preferences of each region and accentuating content like sports, movies, and cooking, Samsung helped make the viewing experience more enjoyable and further advanced its leadership.

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