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[Interview] The Secret Behind Ultra High-Definition TVs: Mini LED Driver ICs

The television industry is always on the lookout for the next big advancement in the sector. Enter Mini LED TV technology, which contains smaller LEDs, and allows more LEDs to be packed into screens, enabling brighter and more detailed color expression and a slimmer TV profile.

A Whole New Approach

The new Mini LED Driver IC solutions are a product line showcased by Samsung for the very first time, that enable improved TV picture quality and efficiency.

How Samsung’s Mini LED Driver ICs Work

The innovation in this new IC system solution lies in the separation of the LED Current Driver IC (S6LP441) and the Controller IC (S6LDMB1) that governs it. The S6LP441, which is a micro LED current driver, was placed in close proximity to the Mini LEDs so that it could better control them. This new system, developed by Samsung Electronics, allows for more efficient use of the LED’s light emission period compared to the Multiplexing method otherwise applied in the industry.

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