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From Stylus to Self-Expression: Looking Back at the Evolution of the S Pen

Simply pop a ‘pen’ out from your device and immediately start writing – Samsung Electronics’ innovative idea that came to life with the inclusion of the S Pen in the company’s Galaxy Note series 10 years ago has since provided users with unique and enriching device experiences.

Since then, the S Pen has undergone multiple innovations to transform it from a mere stylus into an independent device of its own.

Performance: Evolving from a Simple Stylus to a Pen

When you eject the S Pen or click its button, a series of essential S Pen feature icons appear on-screen. These days, the Air Command menu emerges in a line, as opposed to the fan shape that earlier models featured, in order to display more icons at once. Users can even customize the actions and icons that appear so as to enjoy effortless and instant access to their most frequently used features.

Ecosystem: Diversifying the S Pen’s Canvas Options

These days, you can enjoy the versatility of the S Pen on larger screens such as tablets and laptops as well as on your smartphone. The S Pen models included with Samsung’s tablets and laptops have been developed differently to those developed for smartphones, featuring a rounded, unibody design and a glossy finish.

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