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[Video] Painting With Light: How Smart-ISO Pro Captures Lifelike HDR Images

Taking a picture of the stunning landscapes and vistas we encounter in daily life using our smartphones can bring about challenges. Sometimes, the images can differ from what we see with our own eyes: shadowed areas come out too dark, the sky becomes overexposed, and subtle details essential to the view can become obscured.

Dynamic range, which refers to the brightest and darkest parts of a scene, is key to creating vibrant images with your smartphone.

Pro-Grade Photography, Made Simple

To ensure smartphone cameras can deliver clear images even in diverse lighting situations, Samsung developed Smart-ISO technology for its image sensors.

Bursting With Color

With 12-bit color depth support, the technology also delivers unparalleled accuracy in color reproduction. Pixels in image sensors record color information through binary digits, also known as bits. The more bits per pixel, the more colors the sensor can produce.

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Smart-ISO Pro: HDR technology of ISOCELL Image Sensor | Samsung


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The Smart-ISO Pro, a new HDR technology of #ISOCELL #ImageSensor, creates stunning images with rich colors.