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[Expanding Accessibility with Samsung] ① Vision

A television is a portal that can connect us to the world. As the amount of diverse content users have access to continues to grow, the range of entertainment they can access through their TVs is also expanding. Yet despite this innovation, for those who are hard of hearing, the deaf, people with low vision and the blind, accessing basic TV features like sound controls and screen settings can still prove challenging.

Going forward, Samsung will keep developing new AI-based features to continue making Samsung TVs more and more accessible.

SeeColors App: A New World of Color for those with CVD

The capability of Samsung TVs to reproduce lifelike color is constantly improving, however this is not as evident to those who suffer from color vision deficiency (CVD).

Color Inversion: For Comfortable Viewing without Glare

It is also difficult for people with low vision to perceive colors clearly. In particular, black text on a white background can cause glare for people with low vision who are sensitive to light.

Learn TV Remote: For Ease of Use

A remote control is a handy tool that puts the ability to control channels, volume and TV settings in the palm of your hand and makes viewing much more convenient. Thus, it generally takes a long time for them to learn the buttons and get used to using the remote control.

Voice Guide: To Better Navigate Channels and Control Volume

When viewers want to catch an episode of a TV show they like, they generally turn on their TV and navigate to the right channel by looking at the channel number or name.

Accessibility Shortcuts

When you hold down the mute button on the remote control for your Samsung TV for more than two seconds, you will be taken to a menu where you can customize a variety of accessibility settings. In this menu, you will be able to select the most appropriate accessibility features for yourself or your family members.

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