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7 Galaxy Z Flip Hidden Features

At the heart of its innovative design, the Galaxy Z Flip is built to help you do more with less. The compact yet stylish device is packed with features and experiences that will make your everyday routine easier and simpler.

Instantly Capture Multiple Photos

Let’s say you are at a birthday party and you want to capture the birthday cake moment.

Use the Cover Display as a Selfie Viewfinder

Spontaneity is one of the ingredients that many great selfies share.

Do Everything With One Hand

The Galaxy Z Flip comes with a nifty feature that lets you comfortably reach everything on the main display when only one of your hands is free. By double tapping on the home button or swiping down in the center of the bottom edge, One-handed mode temporarily scales down the display size for easier control.

Switch on Focus Mode to Minimize Distractions

There are times when we all just need to accomplish the task at hand without any distractions. The feature allows you to temporarily mute notifications from a customized list of apps and even cut down on distractions by disabling apps that you might be tempted to use for times when you truly need to focus.

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