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An Insider Peek: Samsung Employees Share Which Innovations for 2021 They are Most Excited About

This year, Samsung has showcased a broad range of innovative products that are set to lead the market in 2021. Spotlighted at events that include the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), these products have included cutting-edge solutions in the fields of display, home appliances, mobile and semiconductor solutions.

Visual Display: From Display to Packaging to Remote Control, the 2021 Samsung TVs are Packed With Innovation

Q. Part of Samsung’s 2021 vision for Visual Display products is a commitment to sustainability and accessibility. Could you tell us more about the innovations that correlate with this?

Secondly, we are expanding the use of our ‘Eco-Packaging’ Design to our all 2021 Lifestyle TVs and most of the 2021 Neo QLED line. Thirdly, we are set to increase the use of recycled materials in our products so that resources can be upcycled and constantly circulated throughout the product cycle.

Q. What are some features of JetBot 90 AI+ that make it stand out in comparison to other robot cleaners?

Previous robot cleaners recognized obstacles in 2D, whereas the JetBot 90 AI+ features 3D sensors. In addition to these 3D sensors, the JetBot 90 AI+ is fitted with LiDAR for precise location mapping.

Q. Which function of the JetBot 90 AI+ do you recommend the most?

I strongly recommend the Live Cleaning Report function of the JetBot 90 AI+, which is particularly useful if you want to use the device while away from your home. When you get back home, those obstacles have already been identified, so all you need do is remove them ahead of the JetBot 90 AI+’s next clean.

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