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Samsung Expands 5G Technology Leadership With Fully Virtualized Commercial 5G RAN

Verizon is the first mobile technology company to commercialize Samsung’s fully virtualized 5G RAN, leading the way into vRAN 2.0

Samsung Electronics announced its latest 5G advancement with the recent rollout of the company’s vRAN 2.0 solutions, the first fully virtualized commercial 5G RAN delivered end-to-end from a single vendor.

Accelerating 5G

Through this collaboration, Samsung and Verizon enable more consumers to experience 5G’s ultra-fast wireless speeds and help more enterprise customers take advantage of the technologies required for digital transformation. In addition to using vRAN to expand 5G’s possibilities, Verizon and Samsung incorporated Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) technology, which Verizon is using in its 5G Nationwide network.

5G’s Next Phase: vRAN 2.0

Samsung’s fully virtualized 5G RAN solution takes all of the radio network functions that can be software-enabled and breaks them down into a virtualized Central Unit (vCU) and Distributed Unit (vDU), as well as a range of radio units.

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